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There may be many reasons why you no longer want a tattoo on your body. Maybe it reminds you of a difficult memory. Or maybe it has faded over time or just doesn't represent who you are anymore. Regardless of the reason, advancements in tattoo removal equipment have made it easier and more effective to lighten and potentially remove the unwanted tattoo altogether. At Lazerdoc, Dr. Waage and her staff perform laser tattoo removal with the most sophisticated and up-to-date laser technology. If you are interested in getting one or more of your tattoos removed or lightened, contact our office at 913-547-5755 to set up a consultation.

What Are The Benefits?

At Lazerdoc, our laser tattoo removal can help Leavenworth, KS individuals looking to resolve unwanted, faded, or botched tattoos by providing a number of benefits from treatment, such as:

  • Effective, trusted treatment
  • Protects healthy cells from damage or scarring
  • Happens in quick, efficient sessions over time
  • Removes embarrasing, outdated, or unwanted ink from your body permanently

At the start of the laser tattoo removal session, the tattoo will be prepped with a thorough cleansing and an application of numbing cream. Then, as a rule, we use injectable lidocaine for more thorough pain relief. Lazerdoc utilizes the technology of the Describe Patch that allows for superior ink removal and can facilitate multiple passes in one session. We will begin by passing the laser handpiece over the surface of the skin where it will emit energy and pulsing laser light. Each pulse penetrates the ink, breaking it up into tiny particles that will eventually be flushed out through your body's immune system. As a result, the tattoo will fade or possibly disappear over time. The time it takes to complete the procedure can vary and depends on the type, color, age and size of the tattoo. In many circumstances, the tattoo will require multiple treatments before desired results are achieved.

This is a super nice office Dr. And staff and dose great work.. friendly, caring, clean and professional. I had a free no pressure consultation.. laiter a lip flip, Botox and resurfacing! I'm sooo happy with the results, I had lost all my confidence..but I have it back now, feel like my old self inside and out... especially inside! I cried will definitely return!

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I love Laser Doctor! The doctor is professional, confident, and very knowledgeable. I will be coming here as long as I am KS.

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If I could give this place 20 stars I truly would! The doctor and her staff are so sweet! They answered all my questions and really went into detail on what all they were doing and why. I got my chin done cause I didn’t like the fat under it. She made me feel so beautiful after my threading that I cried in the car cause I have my confidence back! Thank you so much!

A.C. Google

Amazing, professional, clean and thorough! I’m very happy with the services provides. I will definitely be a return customer!

R.C. Google

They are friendly, and tell you exactly what you need.

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Body art is often gorgeous and exciting as a symbol of our self-image and identity; however, when we have a tattoo that we can no longer stand the sight of, the thought of it being a permanent fixture on the body can be daunting. At Lazerdoc, Dr. Waage wants to offer an answer through laser tattoo removal. If you want to know more about laser tattoo removal, contact our Leavenworth, KS office today.

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