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Nonsurgical Facelift in Leavenworth, KS

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Do you have sagging skin on your face or neck but aren't interested in surgery to improve it? If so, you may be wondering about noninvasive options for rejuvenation. At Lazerdoc, Dr. Waage is pleased to offer customized nonsurgical facelift procedures, such as BOTOX®, filler, and polydioxanone (PDO) threads. A nonsurgical facelift can treat mild to moderate skin laxity in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, neck, chin, forehead, and brows. Contact our practice in Leavenworth, KS to book an appointment, and learn whether one of these nonsurgical facelift options may help you meet your cosmetic goals.

A nonsurgical facelift in Leavenworth, KS at Lazerdoc provides several fantastic benefits to renew, enliven, and enhance your total appearance apart from invasive surgical procedures, including:

  • Therapy strategy is personalized to your individual concerns
  • Treats a variety of problems in one session
  • Smoothes lines, furrows, and folds
  • Lifts, smoothes, and enhances loose, sagging skin
  • Restores lost facial volume
  • Adds volume to the lips
  • Highlights the cheeks
  • Lessens the appearance of spots or inflammation around the eyes
  • Achieves outcomes that look and feel natural
  • Improvements are quick and can persist for a long time
  • No need for recovery time
  • No cuts or scarring
  • More cost-effective than conventional surgery

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Nonsurgical Facelift?

A good candidate for a nonsurgical facelift using PDO threads, BOTOX, and/or dermal fillers at Lazerdoc in Leavenworth, KS is typically someone showing early signs of aging — think fine lines, wrinkles, or a bit of sagging skin — but isn't quite ready or interested in more invasive procedures. This individual should be in overall good health and have realistic expectations. A history of smoking can affect skin health and healing, so smokers may not be the best candidates. It's important to discuss any allergies, skin conditions, or prior facial treatments with Dr. Waage or your Lazerdoc aesthetician to ensure this treatment is safe for you.

The PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes dissolvable sutures to lift sagging skin. Prior to starting your treatment, the area is marked and numbed with a local anesthetic. Dr. Waage may also perform a dental block for further comfort during the procedure. Dissolvable threads are then inserted under the skin to provide lift and volume where needed. PDO threads stimulate production of collagen and elastin to help produce a natural younger appearance.

"BOTOX" injections as well as hyaluronic acid filler are also used in combination with PDO threads to achieve a smoother, more youthful look that can last as long as one to two years. 

I have been searching everywhere for a med spa that provided FACETITE around the area and was having no luck ! Not many other med spas even knew what i was referring to when i would i ask if they did facetite. Dr.Waage was/is A M A Z I N G!! My goodness, not only is she extremely knowledgable but she is the sweetest person! She explained the procedure thoroughly and made sure to address any and every question or concerns i had. If you don't know what Facetite is, look it up , i highly recommend this treatment. & if you do know about it, i can assure you , Dr Waage is the person you want to have it done with !!! Her staff, SARAH & AMY are WONDERFUL ! I always had 100 questions and they would go out of their way to text me on the weekends and made sure I was up to date with everything, they text me after my procedure to check in and make sure I was doing ok, and would never make me feel bad for texting them on their days off (even then, they would get me the answers I needed) . && during the actual procedure her entire staff that helped work on me was extremely nice, and made me feel well taken care of. I honestly didn’t think I could find such a great spot here in Leavenworth but this place is great !!

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If you're looking to fight signs of aging, like loose skin and lost volume, consider a nonsurgical facelift. Instead of undergoing invasive surgery, you can choose from FaceTite, a PDO thread lift, or BOTOX injections, which are customized according to your aesthetic goals. Contact Lazerdoc in Leavenworth, KS to schedule an appointment with Dr. Waage, and she can help you decide on a treatment.

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